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Please note - we are located INSIDE The Chiropractic Wellness Studio!

Jade Stone Massage

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There are 3 main differences between Jade Stone massages and Basalt Hot Stone massages.

  • Size and Shape of the Stones: Stone sizes and shapes range from very large abdominal and sacral stones, to curved crescent-shaped gems for shoulder blade regions and smaller stones for delicate areas such as your neck and facial muscles.
  • Contrasting Temperatures: The unique properties of these gemstones allow them to be either heated or cooled, depending on the desired outcome of your session. When heated stones are applied to the body, they melt away the underlying tension and the body receives heat from the stones. When cooled, your body sends heat from itself to the stone to warm it. The result is an energetic balancing effect that will keep you feeling great long after your treatment.
  • Energetic Vibration: Jade is a healing gemstone, used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. It is said to balance the heart chakra, which is the central chakra of the 7 main body chakras. Traditional beliefs associated with Jade stones include bringing prosperity, improving mood, decreasing headaches and attracting lots luck and good fortune!
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