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Please note - we are located INSIDE The Chiropractic Wellness Studio!

Jennifer Janvier

Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) & Fascial Stretch Therapist

About Jennifer Janvier

Jennifer Janvier graduated from MH Vicars school of massage therapy with 2200 hours of training in 2011. She specializes in deep tissue, therapeutic and relaxation massage. Jennifer brings her knowledge as a previous birth doula to her prenatal massages and has a passion for helping pregnant women find relief from the aches and pains of pregnancy. Jennifer is a registered yoga teacher and uses her yoga training to provide remedial exercise to her clients for continued care at home. In 2018, Jennifer travelled to Arizona to participate in the Stretch To Win Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) training program. She is Level 1 certified in FST and can offer you a Fascial Stretch Therapy session or a Combination Hybrid Massage and FST session.


Monday 9:45 am 1:45 pm
Tuesday 9:45 am 5:00 pm
Wednesday Off
Thursday Off
Friday 11:30 am 7:00 pm
Saturday Off
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